Wednesday, October 30

1941USS Reuben James Sunk by German U-Boat
1270Seventh Crusade Ends With Treaty of Barbary
1922Mussolini Sends Blackshirts Into Rome
1984Indian PM Indira Gandhi Assassinated
1485Henry VII Crowned
1905Tsar Nicholas Issues October Manifesto
1938'War of the Worlds' Broadcast on Radio
2017What Is Halloween?

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1814First Steam-Powered Warship Launched
1901McKinley's Assassin Executed by Electric Chair
1917World War I: Battle of Beersheba
1952French Launch Operation Lorraine in Vietnam
1618Sir Walter Raleigh Executed
1993Actor River Phoenix Dies of Overdose
1926Harry Houdini Dies of Peritonitis
1998At 77, John Glenn Becomes Oldest to Go Into Space

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